Unikorn - "Love the Earth: Clothes for Children in Need" Event and the Betterment of the Social Environment for All

As a subsidiary of Ennostar Inc. (stock code: 3714), Unikorn has remained steadfast in our mission for public welfare in addition to developing its professional technology on its fifth anniversary. In September of this year, we joined forces with SOS Children’s Villages International and LOHAS Orphanage to organize the event “Love the Earth: Clothes for Children in Need”. All colleagues were invited to take part in raising funds which were used to purchase new clothes for children in need, as well as using eco-friendly shopping bags as packaging materials, helping to extend the value such items rather than discarding them. This event helped bring people together to spread love, and also represented the fulfillment of our responsibility for corporate sustainability.

All Unikorn employees were invited to participate in this event. Unlike previous events wherein participants were asked to donate second-hand clothes to social welfare organizations, this event involved fundraising to allow each child to select a brand-new item of clothing of their choosing before the arrival of the colder winter weather. The process of considering and selecting their preferred clothing was also beneficial for the children in better understanding themselves and their preferences. Through the enthusiastic participation of our employees, the original fundraising target was reached in less than two weeks, and by the end of the fundraising period, the amount raised had surpassed this target by 179%. After purchasing the new items of clothing, the remaining funds were donated directly to LOHAS Orphanage to help maintain the facilities and equipment in the home, providing a good environment for children to learn and grow.

In this event, our employees were volunteers, they packaged new clothes with eco-friendly shopping bags, which helped to avoid the secondary harm caused to the earth by single-use packaging materials, and also gave each gift a unique appearance. To the gift packages we also added hand-written letters of support from our employees, which contained well-wishes as well as an invitation for the children to make use of the eco-friendly shopping bags rather than throw them away so that small actions in their daily lives could have a great impact. This allowed us to help jointly implement resources to realize the concept of “loving the earth through environmental protection and enjoying an eco-friendly lifestyle”.

In the future, Unikorn will continue to follow in the footsteps of the Ennostar Group in terms of sustainability, and we will fulfill our corporate sustainability responsibilities through the active practice of corporate care across all areas and through working to inject the power of sustainability into the industry, the society, and the environment.